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Trust In John Bull Jewellers

Why buy from John Bull?

John Bull & Co are a fully authorised stockist of all luxury brands on our website and in-store. We source all of our pieces directly from the manufacturer, assuring the customer of both quality and authenticity.

John Bull Jewellers are a fully independent, family orientated business with a prestigious high street store in Bedford. Our store’s history can be traced back to the 1817 and in visiting you will be able to see a wide variety of stock.

Any new watch you buy from John Bull & Co comes with a minimum 2 year Official International Manufacturer’s Warranty, which is stamped and dated when purchased.

Why are unauthorised dealers dangerous?

Unauthorised dealers tend not to carry stock meaning that their watches are often sourced through dealers with a dubious reputation. This also means they cannot stamp official warranties and at some point in the future when the item may require a service, the brand would reject the item. Some infamous unauthorised dealers have, in the past, charged their well-meaning customers for watches that they do not possess and cannot source. This has led to a lengthy wait for the customer, endless frustration and eventually, fighting for a refund.

If your purchase does not have a valid warranty, this will severely impact the resale value.

It is more than lily that the goods purchased will be imported with VAT and duty implications, meaning that you could be charged by Customs and Excise. Each watch comes with a unique serial number which makes its country of origin easily traceable and this is often checked by the authorities to ensure duty has been paid. Tax liability can also be back-dated, meaning that you could be liable for the watch for the past seven years.

An unauthorised dealer could also be providing you with stolen or replica models. Customs and Excise track stolen watches on a regular basis, meaning that you will be faced with the implications of handling stolen property. It is also possible that any profits made from the sale of counterfeit goods will be used for trafficking and other criminal activities, not to mention that they are often made by labourers in sweat shops under horrific conditions.